Virtual Tour LUCA – Campus Gent

Discover LUCA | School of Arts from home: Together with two students and my colleagues at LUCA | School of Arts campus Gent, we’ve created this virtual tour in Marzipano, a 360-viewer for the modern web.

Virtual Tour Bruges

A Virtual Tour in Bruges, guided by Lewis De Keyser, a student at Howest. Join our trip:

Puraslim AR

Puratos created a virtual world and everyone is invited. Your guide will be George. He’ll gladly show you everything Puraslim has to offer. Ready for the discovery? Go to the Puraslim website now! I developed the app in Unity and supervised the CG-department: artwork, modeling, animation (motion capture).

David Lebeer AR

Have you heard of David Lebeer and his famous cocktail creations? He is now officially known as Belgium’s best bartender. Hailing from Ghent, he won the Diageo World Class Bartender of the Benelux of the Year 2018. To spice up his act during the final of World Class Bartender of the Year 2018, he contacted […]


Immuno-T is the first motion comic to explain how different strategies of immunotherapy work, to patients and their family and friends. Immuno-T was developed by UZ Gent and UGent, with the support of the Cancer Research Institute Gent (CRIG) and the Immuno-Oncologic Network Gent (ION). As director at Holofarm, I translated professor Tessa Kerre’s story […]

Niko VR

Poppr and Holofarm joined forces to create a virtual house in which you learn the benefits of Niko Home Control. As a technical lead, I had to translate the desires of the client into VR by using Unity.

M – Museum Leuven VR

The Calendar Clock Face is an unusual painting from 1500 by an unknown painter in the collection of the M – Museum Leuven. This dial was executed around 1510 to be placed on a clock. The decoration is divided into six concentric circles. The first circle shows the twelve zodiac signs in gold. The second circle shows […]