Scientific storytelling with XR

After the creation of the motion comic Immuno-T, a story in motion, prof. Tessa Kerra approached Holofarm to think about new ways to give a stronger in-depth look at the scientific details. The motion comic is already covering a part of it but simplifies some steps. This extra addition would fill those gaps.

During prototyping, we looked into Sketchfab and decided to use this platform to share 3D-models and add notations to them. It’s even possible to view the content in VR & AR. Which makes it a perfect tool to get a closer look at what’s happening.

We started drawing storyboards to explain the different steps of the process. After that, we created 3D-models, added animation, rendered the whole scene as a video, and did an export to Sketchfab. This scene was also rendered as a video:

For this project, I took care of the project management and CG-supervision.