R&D Rokoko x Blender

Last week I had some after-hours R&D-fun with the Rokoko motion capture suit & Blender. Models from Mixamo and Quixel, rendered in Eevee, compositing in Fusion.


Coppelia is a unique international production and collaboration with Dutch National Ballet. It is directed by Jeff Tudor, initiator of the project in co-direction with the Belgian duo Steven de Beul and Ben Tesseur of Beast Animation. The film will be produced by Submarine (NL/VS), 3 minutes West (GB/NL), Lunanime (BE), MotionWorks (DUI). VC Studios […]

Il Pleut Des Voeux

Il Pleut Des Voeux tells the story of Henri, a homeless man. Roaming the streets of Ghent, he plays his accordion day after day. And every evening, he throws the money he earned into the Leie. VC Studios, being a co-producer on this shortfilm, provided the post-production. I helped out on the compositing and VFX-supervision. […]

Sword of God

In the early Middle Ages, a contingent of knights embarks on a dangerous journey to spread Christianity and baptize the pagan inhabitants of an isolated village hidden deep in the mountains of a faraway island. After being shipwrecked, the two survivors set out to complete their mission, but as they attempt to convert the tribe, […]

JVDW – Techno Train

JVDW (Jelle Vandewiele) gathered all the Techno tracks he made over the last 2 years and is self-releasing them for FREE! The album “Techno Train” covers different area’s of subgenres within the techno genre. From housey vibes, to jump, till industrial! Varying from 128 till 160 BPM. Since Jelle and I go way back, I […]

Superette Anna

For Piet Sonck’s feature film debut, which was post-produced by VC Studios, I helped out on the compositing and opening titles.

Rabobank – Goed Nieuws

TV spot for Rabobank’s 2019 campaign ‘Growing a better world together’ Client: RabobankAgency: Bowling BrandsDirection: Iris AlexandreProduction: Beast AnimationDOP: Steven FrederickxVFX: VC Studios For this spot, all rigs and wires from the shoot had to be removed:

Operatie Kazuifel

Comedian Iwein Segers has made a short film about some of the most remarkable stories in the history of Flemish nationalism. “Operatie Kazuifel”, in which Jelle De Beule and Jeroen Lenaerts (Tim from “Thuis”) take part, is a black comedy about the excavation of Cyriel Verschaeve (1874-1949), the controversial priest, poet and collaborator. But the […]

Russell’s birth card

On October 17 2019, our son Russell was born. We created a birth card and decided to go for a cute dragon. I wrote a little text, based on The Grufallo. I discovered the book during writing class and had to read it out for everyone. It surprised me how I could bring it as […]

Callboys 2

It’s always a pleasure to work on a show that I loved even before getting involved. Callboys 2 is one of those. My main involvement were heavenly mattepaints and splitscreens between Jay and J.

Geub – mocap sequence

Woestijnvis approached Holofarm with a rather peculiar question. “Can you create a virtual environment in which an avatar is ‘playing‘ with himself?”. We responded that we haven’t done that before, but that we’re always up for new adventures. So we asked our team: who wants to be a mocap actor on a tv show? Someone […]

Scientific storytelling with XR

After the creation of the motion comic Immuno-T, a story in motion, prof. Tessa Kerra approached Holofarm to think about new ways to give a stronger in-depth look at the scientific details. The motion comic is already covering a part of it but simplifies some steps. This extra addition would fill those gaps. During prototyping, […]

Lil Kleine – Dichterbij je

In his latest music video, Lil Kleine’s paying tribute to the mother of his upcoming little kid. Director Wilson made sure you will melt. And he entrusted VC Studios to bring fire.  I did the VFX-supervision of the video clip.

Annecy 2019 Partners’ trailer

A signal from space detected: the official trailer for the biggest and boldest animation festival has landed: ANNECY! Beast Animation takes you on a stop-motion space adventure. Buckle up, but be warned. It’s so fluffy you’ll go vegan! I supervised the post-production at VC Studios & did the compositing of key shots. One of the […]

Motion Capture with Rokoko

While working on a virtual house experience in VR, a client asked if they can add a virtual family: father, late for work and running hastily through the front door. His wife, having her glass of wine on the sofa at night. The kids, fooling around in the garden. Yes, this can be done. But […]

Silent Campine

A traumatized father and his obedient son go hunting every day in order to survive and take care of the mortally ill mother. Daily pushed to their limits, until there’s a point of no return. VC Studios was a co-producer on this shortfilm. I took care of the compositing.

Puraslim AR

Puratos created a virtual world and everyone is invited. Your guide will be George. He’ll gladly show you everything Puraslim has to offer. Ready for the discovery? Go to the Puraslim website now! I developed the app in Unity and supervised the CG-department: artwork, modeling, animation (motion capture).

Rode Neuzen Dag 2018

VC Studios was contacted by The Breakfast Club to help them out on the tv-spot for VTM’s Rode Neuzen Dag. I did the supervision of the 3D-replacements of the heads and compositing.

David Lebeer AR

Have you heard of David Lebeer and his famous cocktail creations? He is now officially known as Belgium’s best bartender. Hailing from Ghent, he won the Diageo World Class Bartender of the Benelux of the Year 2018. To spice up his act during the final of World Class Bartender of the Year 2018, he contacted […]

VOSSEN, expeditie in het land van Reynaert

“VOSSEN, expeditie in het land van Reynaert” was an original experience around art, culture and heritage. The Reynaert story was brought to life in 5 locations through art, scenery, theater, play elements and a variety of multimedia techniques. All concepts were designed by Koeken Troef! and post-production was handled by VC Studios. I was responsible […]


Immuno-T is the first motion comic to explain how different strategies of immunotherapy work, to patients and their family and friends. Immuno-T was developed by UZ Gent and UGent, with the support of the Cancer Research Institute Gent (CRIG) and the Immuno-Oncologic Network Gent (ION). As director at Holofarm, I translated professor Tessa Kerre’s story […]


Coppers, named both for police officers as well as the creator’s surname, and also known as Rough Justice in English-speaking countries, is a Belgian television crime drama. The post-production was delivered by Grid VFX. I took care of the logo design and motion graphics for the intro sequence. I also did invisible VFX: removing reflections […]


The extravagantly rich Grace wants to revive a 20-year old love affair. Mark travels to Ireland, together with pushy Ronnie and pretends to be his deceased brother Michel. Post-production was done at Grid VFX. I helped out in the compositing department, creating invisible effects e.g. mattepaints, cosmetics (remove a vein on the head of actress), […]

F.C. De Kampioenen 2

Post-produced at Grid VFX, I could take my role as compositor and spend a couple of weeks on this fun project!

Mega Mindy vs. ROX

Mega Mindy and Team Rox travel to Malta where they get tricked by an evil Aquaman. He wants to have the golden helmet that can cause apocalyptic storms in the wrong hands. They have to work together to stop his plan. Post-production was done at Grid VFX. I took care of all GFX on the […]

VFX / TD reel Grid

From 2011 till 2015 I was contracted as VFX-artist & TD at Grid VFX. I’m often looking back at this period, which always brings me feelings of gratitude and nostalgia. The colleagues and projects were unforgettable, like all being on one big ship, each with its own strengths and flaws, but all heading in the […]

The Condemned 2

A former bounty hunter who finds himself on the run as part of a revamped Condemned tournament, in which convicts are forced to fight each other to the death as part of a game that’s broadcast to the public. Post-production was done at Grid VFX. I helped out in compositing and created the opening titles […]

Film Title Design

Film Title designs for cinema and tv:– Admiral– Deadline 14/10 (S1/S2)– Rough Justice– Wiplala– Safety First– K3 Dierenhotel– Bevergem (endtitle design)– Spitsbroers– Condemned 2


Two brothers, Alan and Dennis, are both football fanatics and have been playing football for their entire lives. But when one of them gets the chance to go pro, the other brother gets jealous and decides to throw away his opportunities as a professional football player. But not everything goes as planned for the both […]


Rock ‘n’ roll roughneck Freddy De Vadder is on the run, so he’s lying low in a quaint West Flanders backwater. For this series, post-produced by Grid VFX, I helped out on the invisible vfx: removing unwanted elements on the set, integrating screens, … I’ve also did the end title design for each episode.

Michiel de Ruyter

TD / Pipeline development (Shotgun, Fusion, Maya, Deadline), compositing and title designs on ‘Michiel de Ruyter’ at Grid VFX.

W. – Witse De Film

For this movie, post-produced by Grid VFX, I created all screen content that was used live on-set (websites, chat rooms, world maps, …) and did the set-supervision for all sequences in which a computer was used. For example: when an actor was typing, the pre-recorded text comes up. After the queue of the director, I […]


This fun family movie was a blast since I got to work on both the technical as creative aspects at Grid VFX: pipeline development, compositing and creation of the end title designs. I first created some sketches of significant props or sets in the movie and vectorized them in Illustrator. Those were then imported in […]

Le goût des myrtilles

An elderly couple in their eighties with a mixed past escape into a fantastic world, full of their desires and fears, the door to which is a motorway rest area and their son’s tombstone. Having lost the keys to their car, they walk down into the woods together, then apart, to better find themselves and […]

K3 Dierenhotel

Kristel has an appointment at a beauty farm, while Josje and Karen want to help in an animal hotel. But, because of a misunderstanding Kristel, Karen and Josje end up in the wrong place. Post-production was done at Grid VFX. I helped out on the compositing and created the title animations for the film and […]

Piet Piraat en het Zeemonster

I helped out in the compositing team at Grid VFX and took care of the setup of the project management with Shotgun Software.

Deadline 14/10

Creation of the intro titles of the series. Watch the intro at https://stijncalis.com/art/film-title-design/

K3 Bengeltjes

Together with the rest of the VFX-crew at Grid VFX, I took care of various FX like matte-paintings of heaven and nose-extensions.

Mega Mindy en de Snoepbaron

Louis made his fortune selling candy, but no one buys them anymore. He steals grandpa’s love serum to put in his candy which can turn people into devoted slaves. Mega Mindy has to stop him. I helped out on the compositing at Grid VFX.

Plankton Invasion

Captain John C. Star, Doctor Anna Medusa and Sergeant Pulpo Kalamares are minuscule marine creatures with giant Napoleon complexes. Their mission is to warm up the planet, melt the ice caps and drown the land so that the ‘plankton invasion’ can begin. Except that they are not very well informed, not very organised and most of […]


TV-show based on the theater at amusement park ‘de Efteling’. The first tv series I worked on during my internship at Grid VFX.