R&D Rokoko x Blender

Last week I had some after-hours R&D-fun with the Rokoko motion capture suit & Blender. Models from Mixamo and Quixel, rendered in Eevee, compositing in Fusion.

Geub – mocap sequence

Woestijnvis approached Holofarm with a rather peculiar question. “Can you create a virtual environment in which an avatar is ‘playing‘ with himself?”. We responded that we haven’t done that before, but that we’re always up for new adventures. So we asked our team: who wants to be a mocap actor on a tv show? Someone […]

Motion Capture with Rokoko

While working on a virtual house experience in VR, a client asked if they can add a virtual family: father, late for work and running hastily through the front door. His wife, having her glass of wine on the sofa at night. The kids, fooling around in the garden. Yes, this can be done. But […]